Lifting in Unison

Interview with STL Curator

This week, STLCurator wrote one of the nicest and most in-depth articles about Lab1500 that I could ever imagine anyone writing about us. You can, and should, read it there.

Reading it for the first time a few hours ago, my mind started wandering and thinking about all the good people who have had a helping hand in building Lab1500, especially our members and event partners. But beyond that, I started thinking about all the hard working entrepreneurs hustling to make St. Louis into the great place we all know it can be. It’s amazing to see it unfold right in front of us and it’s something we should all appreciate being a part of.

The proof is in the pudding. Consider this week for example. Just yesterday, our good friend Marshall Hass launched a Kickstarter for his new company, Smart Bedding, and through social media and a lot of local support he’s already reached 72% of his goal. In less than 24 hours!!! That’s awesome.  And last week our buddies down at Trakbill closed on a round of $500k in investment by local VC Cultivation Capital. Previous supporters of Trakbill include St. Louis’ Capital Innovators and Arch Grants. Again, locals supporting locals.

There are many other examples of St. Louis supporting and growing together. The owner of Techli, Ed Domain’s unfortunate circumstance is a great example. So is the willingness of people like Gabe Lozano, Rick Holton and Brian Matthews to always offer up their time and advice to anyone who seeks them out. Don’t be fooled. Ready access to the leaders of a business community is a rarity and we’re lucky to have it here.

The point of all of this? St. Louis IS indeed growing and we’re doing it by lifting in unison. It’s not a mirage that St. Louis was just named to the Top 5 fastest growing startup markets for cities of our size. That’s something to celebrate and be proud of. In some ways, the growth of Lab1500 over the past 6 months, from an empty space with little to no activity into a beehive of activity is a microcosm of the growth St. Louis itself is experiencing. And as long as we all continue doing our part, we’ll be perfectly happy to continue serving as that case study.

Have a great week!!!
Jan Andersen, President and Co-founder, Lab1500

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