St. Louis: a Community that Supports Each Other

Ed Domain

St. Louis has always prided itself on being a close community. A place where we stand by each other in tough times and help those in need of our help.

Right now, one of those people in need of our help is Ed Domain. Ed moved to St. Louis last year as one of the inaugural Arch Grants recipients. His news blog,, covers entrepreneurs and startup companies in St. Louis, Chicago and all across the Midwest. In other words, Ed covers, promotes and cheerleads all the wonderful things happening in our ecosystem that goes largely ignored just because it isn’t Silicon Valley or New York.

Back on May 5, Ed and two friends got in a taxi around noon to go to a BBQ. They took the taxi because they didn’t want drink and drive. An hour later, after that taxi ran a red light, Ed found himself at SLU hospital and in bad shape. His left femur had shot up through his hip and completely shattered his pelvis. The right shoulder torn out of place, causing a major artery to burst and bleed into the arm. 10 years ago he would have lost that arm, but modern medicine saved it. He also has bumps and bruises too many to count and a broken nose. It was so bad that the doctors actually had to insert a metal rod through his uninjured left knee, just to keep the rest of it in place.

Through all of this, Ed has tried to maintain his spirits. All that know him love that larger-than-life personality he often displays and he has tried to keep positive throughout. It’s been a difficult road, however. Since day 1 of entering the hospital he has been prescribed heavy doses of medicines to manage the immense pain from all the injuries. And, after repairing the shattered pelvis a few weeks ago, his hip has been resting in a constant state of dislocation. Because the scar tissue from the pelvis surgery needs to heal first, they cannot repair the hip for another 4 to 6 weeks.

Ed had his shoulder surgery yesterday and will be moving to a skilled nursing facility tomorrow to wait for the hip replacement. The name of the facility is The Cedars of Town & Country and the address is 13190 South Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017.

Because of all the medication, Ed is not in a state where he can read, write or even watch television. Friends have maintained the editorial content on Techli as best they can, but many of the plans Ed has for expansion have been put on hold until he can come back to work. As entrepreneurs, we know how dependent small businesses are on the owner being able to work long hours and driving initiatives forward. Ed has not been able to do any of this and won’t be for at least another couple of months. He needs our support as a community.

One of the best things you can do is to visit him at The Cedars. Not being able to read or write, but only stare at the walls and ceilings is one of the most difficult things for Ed to deal with and having friends and supporters around makes a huge difference.

Another thing you can do is donate to help cover expenses like rent, utilities and other everyday bills. With Ed in the hospital, Techli is not generating much revenue from advertising, events or otherwise. Here’s is a link to the fundraising page –

And lastly, when Ed gets out of the hospital and rejoins the community, support him and Techli as he starts again and continue being the biggest advocate this city has for telling our story to the rest of the world.

Updates on Ed can be found on his Facebook page, or by visiting his fundraiser page.

Hang in there, Ed. This time, we’re all cheering for you!!!

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