Welcome to St. Louis, Arch Grants Winners!

Arch Grants Winners
Exciting news was reveled by Arch Grants earlier today! My business partner, Jan Andersen, and I had the opportunity to attend the Arch Grants press conference where the 20 winners were announced. In addition to winning a $50,000 grant, these winners will also receive mentoring, help with commercial rent, access to numerous resources, and tremendous community support. What’s even more exciting is that these fine companies will be relocating their operations to downtown St. Louis. With more than 700 applicants from 40 states and 16 different countries, this is truly a worldwide competition and the biggest of its kind. Oh behalf of Lab1500, we are truly excited about what this will do for the St. Louis startup scene.  It is an injection of not only highly motivated companies, but also highly motivated entrepreneurs into the St. Louis startup ecosystem.
Big congratulations to the ArchGrant’s winners:
A few weeks ago, Lab1500 hosted all of the Arch Grants finalists for lunch before giving their final pitch. Having met many of the winners during this time and others throughout that weekend, I can say that great things can be expected from this group of companies!
Dan Lohman
CEO and Co-founder, Lab1500


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