About Lab1500

Lab1500 is a place where seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs can come together to develop business ideas. Membership at Lab1500 offers more than just a space to work. Founded on the principle that collaboration drives innovation, it gives back to its members by creating a place to be inspired and inspire others.

Members have the ability to work in different environments. The traditional co-working space with communal tables makes collaboration with coworkers and other members easy, while the lounge is relaxed and quiet. The facility and its classroom are also available for members to rent for meetings, classes and events.

A project of Ignition Tank, Lab1500 takes over the first floor of its headquarters at 1500 Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. The nearly 120 year-old building was rehabbed to capture the industrial yet rustic essence of the abandoned factory. Exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and intricate ceiling tiles make up just a few of the historic elements that were restored and combined with modern-day technology for a creative vibe.


Lab1500 is a catalyst for innovation by bringing seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs together as a community to collaborate on ideas.


  1. Synergy: we promote teamwork when solving problems and implementing ideas
  2. Openness: we strive for a community that is honest and respectful of differences
    in views
  3. Creativity: we encourage thinking outside the box and taking calculated risks

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